Shifting boundaries, discovering new horizons and walking the extra mile - our mission is based on entrepreneurship coupled with ingenuity to realize unconventional solutions that differ from mainstream. Thinking and acting for our customers is our motto. Progress comes from movement, which is why we do not tolerate standstill.


Our heart beats for trade, distribution and logistics. In the last 20 years we have actively shaped the change in these areas and are still constantly learning new things. It starts with successfully developing brands, steadily increasing product sales and having the goods with customers just-in-time. And ends with perfect service for every customer.


Markets are constantly changing and with them the demand for the respective products. In order to be able to accompany this constant change optimally, we are also developing the necessary resources further. And in the international procurement market, combined with the corresponding warehousing, ensure that our customers are optimally supplied with the resources that are important to them.

Our business areas

From the nucleus of IT distribution, our current business areas have emerged over the years, which we are constantly developing together with you.

Office technology

The original nucleus of our company is still one of the main pillars. We supply the trade in Europe with consumables & accessories for printers and IT as well as selected office items.

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Medical field

Our entry into the medical sector began with innovative nasal filters for allergy sufferers and products for hand and surface disinfection. Today our range includes almost the entire range of PPE products, which is continuously being expanded.

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Logistic services

Over the decades we have developed into a European full-service logistics provider. Whether drop shipments or complete logistical fulfillment - we are already satisfying many international clients and their customers. 

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Item utilization & solutions

For every reason you have remaining stock, we have the right solution and buyer for you. We have complete posts, we take care of a controlled recycling and for ourselves about the political logistics.

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Unser jüngster Geschäftsbereich entwickelt sich rasant. Sowohl auf eigenen Plattformen als auch auf den bekannten, europäischen Marktplattformen sind wir vertreten. Wir vermarkten Ihre Produkte exklusiv und professionell, entwickeln mit Ihnen gemeinsam den Zugang zu neuen Märkten sowie Kunden und steigern Ihren Absatz.

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Our values. Your advantages.

Creating added value for our customers with a clear focus on values:


Our sense of values ​​is shaped by our history, in which a handshake or a word counted even more than extensive contracts. Our customers can count on us, we keep our promises to be a reliable partner at all times.


Our consulting competence has grown from decades of experience with a wide variety of situations. It is about making knowledge available but above all applicable. Our motto is to think for our customers, to design feasible scenarios and thus to offer the best solution in each case.


In spite of growth and the necessary structures, maintaining enough flexibility to enable quick, pragmatic solutions is a clear advantage for our customers. We will continue to react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers and the markets.


Sustainability in action should be more than a marketing promise. Sustainable solutions create benefits for as many as possible and the benefits are always greater than the negative effects of doing business. We operate our business sustainably and rely on long-term business models, which are also continuously optimized with regard to the use of resources and environmental pollution.

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